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What Players Want From Their Coach

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The following was written by an 18 year old high school senior about what he wants in a coach. Players everywhere can compare these words to their own "wants" when it comes to coaching while coaches everywhere can get some valuable insights into the minds of a player.

There are certain things that just about every player I know wants from a coach - encouragement, loyalty, and confidence.

Many players want to hear their coach tell them only positive things in order to boost their self esteem or make them feel valued.

I, however, would rather have a coach who is tough on me and teaches me the value of hard work. I know that a coach who pushes me to my limits and is very direct with me sees potential in me & wants me to succeed.

Flowery praise is going to make me feel better temporarily, but strong, direct encouragement is going to help me get better.

I want to be the best I can be and I want a coach who can help me get there. If I can get better I might be able to play at a small college somewhere next year.

A lot of players say they want a coach who they think is loyal to them no matter what. What they really want is a coach who will cover up for them. Someone who is willing to give them chance after chance with absolutely no consequences.

I want a coach who holds me accountable and keeps me from getting complacent. As nice as it might be sometimes, I don't want to be in a situation where I can screw up and know that my coach will just "fix it." I want to be assured that when I am loyal to him & to the team that he will be loyal to me as well. I want to know that he will be there if I ever do really need his help.

I want a coach who is passionate about what he is doing. I want a coach who loves to win and absolutely hate to lose. I've had coaches tell me "Our team can't be more important to me than it is to you." Well I feel the exact same way.

I want our season to be important to him and for him to set the example of focus and dedication. I've had coaches tell me to work hard but then they were lazy. They told me to always be prepared for our next practice and our next game then they were unprepared and disorganized. I hate that. It's really hard for me to want to win and to care about every game if it doesn't seem like my coach cares one way or another.

People say you can learn a lot from losing but too much losing seems to grind on players and actually make them worse. I want a coach who does everything he possibly can to help us win.

I want a coach that helps prepare me for the future and by future I don't mean our next game. I know there are certain values and qualities I need to develop further if I am going to be successful the rest of my life and I want my coach to help me with those things. I want to know that I am more than just some points and rebounds to him. He is going to have a lot more players but I might not ever have another coach. This might be the last team I am ever on and so I want to try to make it as good as possible.

One way or another I am never going to forget this experience and so I want a coach who will work non-stop to make it memorable.

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