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Thank you sooooooo much! I have given your site to my son and he has started implementing your tips in his daily practices and it has helped him so much. Thank you again and keep up the good work. 

- Karla R

HoopSkills has made me a better coach, teacher and trainer! My team has flipped its record from last year 4 - 8 to 9 - 3 and my point guard has doubled his output! I forward your site to any Middle School and AAU coaches in the metro Atlanta area that I meet. Thanks for all you do! 

- Coach Randy F

Hoopskills offers useful and quality information for me and my coaching staff. I use the website to assist me in organizing practice plans as well improving individual player development. The website covers every aspect of basketball at every level. Your weekly email is the only one that I don't delete. I save all the emails that I get from HoopSkills.com! 

- Coach Ryan

Basically, I want to say Thank You. I worship the emails I get from HoopSkills! You provide great detail and simple yet effective drills that I can do by myself. I really don't know why anyone that wants to be good at basketball wouldn't take a look at your website. Once again, THANK YOU! 

- Jacob M

I just recently started using hoop skills and I love it. It has helped me with my practices, and given me plenty of ideas and guidance to help improve my team and my coaching skills. Thanks. 

- Coach Keith

I am currently coaching 2 youth girls teams and assist for 3 other teams. Your site is a valuable asset I use to increase my knowledge and awareness. I have gained many insights in how to not only approach practice, but also address my players and keep their interest and excitement up. Thanks. 

- Mike F

I have just recently discovered HoopSkills and am thrilled with what I've found.  The articles and dvd's are fantastic resources.  HoopSkills will become a part of my quest to learn more about basketball in order to teach others.  I only wish that I had discovered the site sooner.

- Heather O

I m so pleased with your articles, I have always dreamed of having a good, strong and focused team. Your tips are helping the team improve in so many areas. We have stepped up to the main league and we now compete with the big teams - all thanks to HoopSkills.
- Moses O

My shooting has improved so much as a result of reading and following your tips. My basketball team has even noticed this improvement! I now feel so much better about my ability but of course I still have a lot of work to do and so I will definitely continue to view your site and follow your tips through your e-mails.
Your website and e-mails have taught me so much about basketball that I didn't even know. My knowledge pf the game has expanded thanks to your site. My game was in desperate need of saving and I ma pleased to say you have helped save it. Thank you so much!
 - Kulvinder L
As a coach I use HoopSkills to find new ideas and concepts that will enhance my teaching in practice sessions. I use the site more than twice a week!
- Barry C
Thank you for the emails you have been sending me.  I have been able to use these drills in practice to develop my players individual and team needs.  I have also used plays, and motivational speeches from your site.

- Jimmie B

I coach age groups from 10 to 13 years of age and the advice I get from your website and the drills really give me the direction I need to go with my teams. I see each of my players improve and understand a little more about the game and to me that’s what it is all about.  Thank you for your help in helping this younger generation understand the game and love it like I do.
- Tony S

I visit HoopSkills at least twice daily. I love how informative it is and how much it offers to players of all calibers.  It's amazing keep it up!

- Danny K.

HoopSkills has been a great tool in my basketball endeavors for the last couple of years. I visit the site at least once every two weeks, and there is always something I can take from it. I used drills and tips while training my son while he was in high school. I now use them for the travel team I am coaching. Thank you for putting together such a complete and accessible resource.

- Kevin M

HoopSkills has made me better in the offseason doing suggested drills and the focus of a player that sleeps ,eats, and breaths basketball. I receive the weekly email's and updates on my mobile device and love the content. Thanx again HoopSkills!
- Shane L

Your websites has been extremely useful to me as a coach and helpful in teaching these young boys the proper way to play basketball. I am constantly looking for ways to help improve my young players and the tips that I get from HoopSkills give me great ideas to work on in practice with the players as well as ways that I can truly bring value to these kids as their coach. The site is a very valuable tool for both coaches and players for improving our skills.
- Steven S

HoopSkills has been a big part of our success this year as a tem..  The info you give is "cutting edge" and it also gives us new ammunition weekly against our opponents !
- Jay C
My 10 year old son has had the opportunity to learn several shooting & ball handling skills from your site. My wife is the person who first found HoopSkills almost a year ago and we have taken advantage of the information ever since. My son tried out for his school team last year and did not make it. After finding your site and being able to learn drills ourselves, we have been able to teach him the correct ways to shoot and handle the ball. We are proud that he made the school team this year as a 5th grader.
- G Massey

While I visit your site, I have not purchased anything. I am a junior in High School and this really isn't in my budget. But your emails are amazing... I mean AMAZING. Get this. I started reading the email very closely from start to finish about 3 or 4 weeks into the season. At that time I was the sixth man off the bench, hardly handled the ball, averaged about 4-6 points per game, and was a liability on defense. I had one big game after reading the "how to be a better scorer" against the No. 4 ranked team in our state. After that I have made progress and now I am starting at point guard (our starter is coming back from a badly sprained ankle, and then I'll probably move back to my natural 2 or 3 spot. The last five games I have been guarding the best player from the opposing team, and pretty much shutting them down. Lately I have been averaging around 20 points per game!!! I know...what a turn-around. But the main thing was that I was doing small and simple things wrong and I had to start playing with confidence. Teams have been playing a box-and-1 defense against to shut down our leading scorer. Because of my play recently they'll have trouble doing that. Basically, I want to say Thank You! I know that I might not do much on the website, but I worship the emails! You provide great detail and simple yet effective drills that I can do by myself. I really don't know why anyone that wants to be good at basketball wouldn't take a look at your website. Once again, THANK YOU!
- Jacob M

We have found that HoopSkills has the best selection and has many items not found anywhere else.  I also receive the e-mail tips which I pass on to my daughter. She is at the age where she doesn't want to listen to her father anymore and she gets great info about playing without having to deal with me . I have seen an improvement in her play as a result. Thanks for everything. 

- Steve K

HoopSkills.com is the perfect basketball site for any aspiring basketball players willing to take their game to the next level. In my opinion this web site covers every aspect of the game for players or coaches, I personally like the better basketball videos these dvd aid you in improving your weaknesses whatever they may be, (example shooting, passing etc.) when ever im looking to improve on my skills, I'll check out what new dvd's are on the site, this could be twice a week. The knowledge I gain from these aids I use to develop my understanding and skills so when game time comes, im two steps ahead of the competition.

- Darren B

Thank you for the opportunity to recieve yur emails. You offer a well rounded variety of information. I have saved most of your emails so I can go back when needed to review. Keep up the great work and know this coach is learning, using and sharing the information you offer!

- Dennis L 

The reason why I love HoopSkills so much is for all the help I get for coaching my guys bball team.  When I go to the site, I know I can find something that will work for any situation.  It's really one of the best sites I've seen for basketball coaching help. Thanks. 

- Jon S

I coach girls' basketball at North Sound Christian high school. I read your HoopSkills tips in your emails and visit your websit everytime I receive them. I have integrated several of your tips into my coaching. Thank you for making me a better coach!

- Dave G

Your website is one of the best to browse on for those who are serious inin developing their basketball skills.
- Gregory G

Thanks to your website I have noticed my defense has been quicker and for the first time im dunking 10 ft!

- Fiase D

I  ave been coaching basketball for 9 yrs at our local Boys & Girls club (2nd thru 7th grade level) and have used quite a few of the things I've learned from your newsletter. Thank you for those and for any future emails you may send my way. i may be an old dog, but I am still learning new things, thanks to you and your website!

- Bob R

Yoru email newsletter on ways to improve at basketball are excellent.  I have two kids that play basketball so I print your emails and share them with the kids.  We practice alot of the skills that you teach. Thank you very much.
- Jason E

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your website and the e-mails that you send it with so many valuable tips. they are the best I've ever gotten! I was on several other weekly e-mail tip lists but since I've subscribed to yours I deleted the other subscriptions... because yours is ALL that I need! I share what I learn with my fellow teammates... they love to hear what new tip I have to give them. problem is I always forget to give them your web address. I don't know why, I just give them a tip that I learned from your website or e-mail, but I never tell them where I got it. Thanks again for everything.

- Jane V

I visit HoopSkills.com every week, sometimes more.  I have 4 daughters, ages 18, 15, 12, and 9.  They are all basketball players, each with their own strengths and weaknnesses but they all share the heart and work ethic which makes me proud. I routinely print out the weekly instructional articles and share with them.  I am confident that by comparing their play with the article has made them better, smarter basketball players.  Thanks for all your hard work, it's greatly appreciated by us all.

- Mike W

HoopSkills is the best resource for basketball training tips & drills and advice I've found on the Internet. Your site is awesome, keep it up!

- Robert W

I am writing to thank you for keeping me updated on the different ways that my daughter can improve her basketball skills.  Every time I get an email I share it with her as soon as I get home.  She really enjoys basketball and is always striving to improve her skills as well as learn new skills that will help her in her basketball career.  I would like to share that she is in the 7th Grade now and they just finished Middle School Basketball for the season with a record of 14-0!  She is the starting point guard for the team.  She will continue playing basketball during her off season with a summer league.  Please continue to send updates so I can share them with her and the team.  Again thank you very much and the information that you send is all so very helpful. 

- Valdespino E

Your weekly newsletter makes its way to my basketball locker room every time! It has been a great motovating tool. The article about "Hustle" in January, catapulted my team to win our end of the year tournament. We had a lot of "teenage Drama" and that laid it all out on the line! Why this one was getting more playing time was so much more evident to them after they read the article. Another one of my favoroites was the "Five things that upset your coach"! That one helped my younger players understand so much. I think it is important to exemplify what I expect from a player up front so they know what to live up to. Your newsletter helps me to do that so much! Thanks, it has won me a county, Jr. High trophy and helped my players grow to go on to the High School level. I praise you in your efforts!

- Melanie T

This site is out of this world. Not only is it informative but very useful with knowledge of the game. The merchandise is what ever coach, player and fan needs to get started.

- Jerry A

As a 38 year old, I enjoy playing hoops 3-5 times per week at our club. Having never played organized basketball, receiving hoopskills emails is a blessing. It offers me a chance to quickly and easily review a technique or tip and then apply it during my weekly games with players of all ages (many that have high school or college experience). In all, your emails offer bite size snippets of information that for me have equated to quantum leaps in my competiveness and overall improvement as a player.
- Matt G

Thank you for helping me improve my game. I look at your website almost everyday, but mostly when I have free time. Your website is my favorite basketball site to look at because it tells me how to improve my game and my proformance on and off the court. I like it, the website, because I get free e-mails about tips to improve my game. Unlike other websites I would have to pay them to get tips. Your website is the best. 
- Pagie G

Hey HoopSkills I wanted to say that i love you website. One of my favorite things is the customer feedback and reviews for products that you post. It helps a lot in deciding what I'm going to order. Your newsletter is great too. The improve your game section has been tremendously helpful. As a player I love the vertical jump products. The ones that i think are the most helpful though are the J.J. Reddick shooting, and Steve Nash MVP drills. 
- Hunter 

When you look at your website you can truly tell that you are out to help people get better. I really enjoy how I get emails almost weekly on how I can approve my game. It is very encouraging.  Thank you for everything!

- Kyndal C

Your weekly newsletter has elped me to score more in games and make better decisions with the basketball.

- Matthew G

I have given your website address to our teams coaches. I even have 9 other sets of parent's checking it out.  We also have started using your practise techniques and we have not lost a game since.  Thanks 
- Renee G

I have ordered several items from this site, mainly training dvd's for my basketball team. I must say the dvd's have helped tremendously because we have one several championships with the help of your merchandise.
- Russell C 

The most helpful thing about your website is the weekly emails I get from you on how to become a better basketball player, they are very encouraging and helpful.
- Josh S

Hey HoopSkills! Just wanted to let you know how much I love the site and the weekly emails. I read all of them and the tips on expanding my game are very informative. I try to remember them when I play. Thanks for the awesome information!
- Nina K

I visit HoopSkills every couple days so that I can improve my skills as a basketball player.  I like how I can always go to this site for new drills and find new kinds of equipment to make me a better player.  I have improved as a basketball player from you guys.  You've helped me learn new moves like leaners and helped me understand basketball in a 5-on-5 setting so that I can move with a purpose when I play.
- Andrew T

Love your site and the weekly email newsletter.  Good useful info to help my son and his teammates!
- Chelly Q

I have coached basketball at all youth levels, from 4th grade rec, to a 19U USA girls team. I have not found a web site with more valuable information in one place. I visit at least twice a week looking for new ideas and new articles.  I recomend this site to any coach, player, or parent wanting to find the best basketball site on the net!
- Sean B