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The Smartball Shooting System

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Product Description

Reduce the learning curve involved with acquiring perfect shooting form and technique!

What if I told you that you could vastly improve your shot with just one simple tool? And what if I told you that this one simple tool would cost you less than $50? The SmartBall Shooting System can do all of that!

Note: The SmartBall works for both right and left handed shooters

Developed by shooting guru Ed Palubinskas, the SmartBall Shooting System will simplify the process of shooting a jump shot, while simultaneously reducing the learning curve. Outlined clearly in the SmartBall are the necessary steps to executing the proper jump shot. These steps include: the correct hand position on the ball, color coding that represents where your hand should come into physical contact with the ball, and other helpful tips for you to use while you train. Plus, the ball can work for righties and lefties alike. If used properly and routinely, the SmartBall will forever impact your shot for the good!

The SmartBall Shooting System does not just give you the ball and make you come up with your own training exercises. This system comes equipped with the official Ed Palubinskas training video, at no extra cost! Follow along as Ed walks you through the techniques that have helped players across the globe achieve maximum accuracy and mechanics. He will teach you about the Palubinskas Perfect Shooter's Triangle, how to attain Perfect Follow Through, the correct Angle of Release, how to formulate the perfect Pre-Shot Routine, the Eye-Rim-Ball Relationship, and much more! This training video truly is a must-see, and it is yours as a part of the SmartBall Shooting System.
Smartball Description
As if the SmartBall and training video are not enough, the SmartBall Shooting System comes with one more excellent training tool: the Perfect Shooting Poster. This poster depicts a carbon copy of the SmartBall, focused on the most important parts of the Shooting System. Whether you choose to hang the Perfect Shooting Poster in the gym, in your office, or at home, it is sure to play an integral role in your quest for the perfect jump shot!
Smartball Poster
 Each Smartball Purchase Includes the SmartBall, Instruction Video, & Bonus Instructional Poster!
Recently, NBA All-Star, Dwight Howard, hired Ed to help him improve his shooting. The man knows how to shoot!

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