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Three Low Post Drills to Help Players Become More Physical

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Playing in the post can be rough and physical. If you play the forward or center position and want to excel you have to be able to score while you get bumped around in the lane. This article covers three very effective drills that will prepare you for the physical play in the post and help you become an effective scorer down low.

2 Man Rebound & Post-Up Drill

Posting up is the term used when an offensive player tries to solidify position close to the basket. A great drill that practices this fundamental is the 2 man rebound & post-up drill. It takes two players starting out side by side on the dotted line near the center of the basket. A player will take a shot from either wing that is intentionally missed.

As the shot goes up both players will fight for positioning. Whoever gets the rebound will immediately make a solid outlet pass to the wing player who shot the ball and then post-up near the basket.

The ball is then passed to that player where he attempts to score. This drill is very physical and demanding. Have the two posts rotate out to rest and try not to pit the same ones up against each other consecutively. When this happens it gets more and more physical and less productive.

Roll and Finish

Big players tend to draw a lot of attention down low and are often yelled at to "go strong". What does that mean? First let's cover what it doesn't mean. It doesn't mean to float up a shot or a runner at the basket. It doesn't mean to shoot a fade-away or to shy away from contact. It means to get the ball, gather yourself and then go right up for the lay-up.

In college, we all did a drill called roll and finish or roll and flush for the players who could dunk. We would form two lines at the top of the key on either side and roll the ball down the key toward the basket. Each of us would go after the ball very hard and once we got it we would maintain a nice low base and then explode up for a power lay-up or dunk. Each of us would run through the drill once alone before the next person in line would follow us down the lane to contest the shot.

They weren't trying to block the shot, but to only be the defensive presence. The drill can be modified if you want by adding a pump fake or a quick drop-step. The drill will teach players to finish strong around the basket, maintain a nice solid base, not shy away from contact and how to finish when someone does come in contact with you. It is a great drill if it is performed correctly.

Jungle in the Paint

This is a drill that I love to instill when I think my players aren't being tough or aggressive in the post. It involves 3 players. It can be any 3 players and doesn't have to be only post players. Have the 3 players form a half-circle surrounding the hoop and shoot the ball. Players get 1 point for a rebound and 2 points if they are able to put the ball back in to the hoop. First one to 11 wins.

I love this drill because it is very physical and guys will get hammered. The good thing is, they will get comfortable with that feeling. They will learn how to finish strong around the basket and how to make shots while being fouled. I don't allow dribbling but I've seen other coaches allow one dribble. The reason I don't is because I believe that big players that dribble by the basket are asking for trouble. Players should be able to gather themselves without having to dribble to do it. Don't let the defense foul like crazy but allow some physical play and don't let offense call fouls.

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