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  • Jumpsoles v 5.0 
(with training manuals and DVD/CD-Rom)
  • Jumpsoles v 5.0 + Proprioceptor System
for up to 3 inches extra in Added Hops!
(with training manuals and DVD/CD-Rom)
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Product Description

Jumpsoles are the world's most popular frontal platform training system which attach to your own shoes. By training with Jumpsoles you will build up important fast twitch muscle fibers in the lower leg. Jumpsoles will increase vertical jump 5 to 10 inches, and decrease time in the 40 yd dash by .2 seconds or your money back! Comes complete with training manual and easy access DVD/CD-Rom.

The Jumpsoles are now upgradeable with the all new Proprioceptor System! The version 4.0 were specially designed to use this device which develops balance and agility while preventing injury. Supercharge your Jumpsoles results. Proprioceptor plugs screw into the bottom of your Jumpsoles allowing you to do wobble exercises that build up crucial jumping muscles in your ankles and feet. Added Hops:Stronger ankles and feet mean more energy returned into vertical jump. You can add up to 3 extra inches to your Jumpsoles vertical with Proprioceptors  Complete with training manual & video. (see the full description of what the proprioceptor system add-on is all about further below in the description)!

How Do Jumpsoles Work?

Platform shoes keep you off your heels, allowing a wider range of movement for your calf. Each jump is therefore more effective and can help you reach new heights. Many training programs will tell you to jump every day, hundreds or even thousands of times. This causes wear and tear on your body, especially your knees and back. Jumping fewer times with more effectiveness is the way to go, which is why platform shoes have been used for decades with great success. Because of this, our training program recommends only one to three workouts a week, depending on the season of your sport!

In addition, elastics, weight belts, or creatine can be used with the Jumpsoles for even quicker and faster vertical and running speed gains. If we didn't know what we were talking about, we wouldn't give you the insane 1 year money back guarantee for Jumpsoles and Proprioceptors.

How Jumpsoles Work

Frequently Asked Questions About Jumpsoles

1. Are Jumpsoles some kind of gimmick? 
Are weight vests some kind of gimmick? Elastic cord harnesses? Parachutes? You can call any piece of training equipment a "gimmick". That's exactly what they are if they end up in your closet, and you just sit there wishing you could jump higher. Jumpsoles when used regularly and intelligently according to instructions maximize and distribute the workout to your calves and forefoot. Up to 30% of your vertical jump is generated there, and those muscles are available and waiting to contribute crucial inches to your vertical jump - if you can train properly to access the power. That's what Jumpsoles train you to do! There are critics on the internet who say that you don't need tools like Jumpsoles. We say, why fool around? If you're serious about building anything like your vertical jump, having tools is better than having no tools!

2. What is the difference between JUMPSOLES and the shoes that I've seen on the market with the platform built in? 
JUMPSOLES are the only platforms which attach onto your own shoe. The almost 5 lbs of extra weight added to the outermost part of your feet make JUMPSOLES heavier than any platform shoe for a harder workout. The advantages of having attachable platforms are many. If your feet are growing, you will not outgrow your JUMPSOLES, because they come in 4 basic sizes, each of which accomodate a certain range of shoe sizes. Another advantage is that you can share your JUMPSOLES with a friend, or use multiple sets of them as a station for circuit training in team workouts. You invested good money towards your favorite athletic shoe. Why be forced to wear an inferior quality shoe just because it has a platform? Simply strap your JUMPSOLES onto the high quality shoes that you already feel most comfortable wearing. When you are done, unstrap your JUMPSOLES and feel the immediate extra power!

3. What about all those other jump programs that I've seen on the market? 
While some of the information in those programs might be useful, all of it is still just information which is already included with each pair of JUMPSOLES. All of those programs invariably have you do the traditional exercises such as box jumps, lunges, and squats. That sounds great, but what those programs can't provide you is the necessary added dimension that JUMPSOLES provide by maximizing your calf effort. As much as 30% of your propulsion in running and jumping comes from your calves. By adding extra calf isolation to any workout, the JUMPSOLES training system steps up where the other programs leave off.

4. Are JUMPSOLES safe? 
Yes! Over the years, JUMPSOLES have been worn successfully by thousands of serious athletes, building up an impressive safety record. JUMPSOLES are built extra wide on the outside edges to prevent you from roll-over pronation injuries. JUMPSOLES strengthen the Plantaris and Gastrocnemius muscle areas of your lower leg. When used properly, JUMPSOLES strengthen your Achilles area, making it much more flexible, and thus, actually making you more resistant to injury. The Proprioceptors make you resistant to ankle injuries as well, and are used by professional sports organizations as a rehabilitation device as well.

5. What are JUMPSOLES made of? 
JUMPSOLES are made of a high density, closed cell polyurethane honeycomb. The resulting shock absorption and rebound properties are superior to that of any platform shoe. The straps are military spec nylon with industrial grade hook and loop fasteners tested to withstand 1500 lbs of pull. The sole is a computer optimized crosstraining tread for maximum traction on turf or court surfaces. Made of DuPont Hytrel, the sole is super sticky, resilient, and non - marking.

6. How much can I expect to improve my jump? Tell me more about your guarantee. It sounds too good to be true. 
You've read it. Like all of our ads say, we guarantee up to 10 inches, and no less than 5 inches within 1 year, or your money back. We can make this amazing guarantee because of our track record. Over the years, thousands of athletes have proven that JUMPSOLES work! With consistant training you can keep gaining more inches.

7. What's the earliest age at which JUMPSOLES can be effectively used? 
A rule of thumb is: you are ready if your shoe size is at least 5, or you are at least 12 years old. While your musculature is not quite ready to do intensive plyometrics or power lifting at this age, your neural system is ready to learn the proper mechanics of jumping and sprinting. JUMPSOLES condition your motor neural pathways so that you power off your forefoot for maximum jump height and stride length.

8. What do I get with the JUMPSOLES training system? 
JUMPSOLES come with our training video and manual. We've studied various training programs and compiled the best exercises for gaining vertical jump and incorporated it into an 8 week program. The program tells you exactly what exercises to do and when.

9. Can I play basketball while wearing JUMPSOLES? 
JUMPSOLES are primarily for off the court strength training. While not designed for competitive play, you can shoot around in them, as many basketball teams already do in warm-ups. Since you are always on your toes with JUMPSOLES, practicing your dribbling and footwork in JUMPSOLES develops quickness and balance for more accurate shooting.

10. If I stop using JUMPSOLES, will I lose my vertical? 
Any form of exercise will yield diminishing returns after a period of time. The JUMPSOLES Power Plyometric Program incorporates the state of the art method of training known as Periodization to ensure that you mix up your workouts for steady and consistent gains. If you are not active, train with JUMPSOLES once a week or at least twice a month to maintain your gains.

11. If I work out with JUMPSOLES every day, will I see quicker results? 
No. Your body needs at least 48 hours to regenerate the muscle fibers broken down by the Power Plyometrics workout. For best results, follow the training program.

12. My son is 12. Will Jumpsoles or Proprioceptors stunt kids' growth? 
Definitely not. Jumpsoles and Proprioceptors are designed to build muscles safely through natural standing, walking, & jumping on their own body weight. Danger of stunted growth occurs when kids try to lift unnaturally heavy weights which their bones cannot support before their growth plates have closed. As long as he stays clear of trying to lift heavy extra weights, your son will grow to his genetic height.


What is the Proprioceptor System? 

  • IMPROVE - Balance, Agility, and Quickness used in running, jumping, and landing! 
  • REDUCE - Risk of Ankle or Knee Injury by strengthening those muscles! 
  • REHABILITATE - Faster following an injury - approved by Pro Sport Physical Therapists - including the 5-time champion San Francisco 49ers!

 PLUS! Add up to 3 inches in added hops by strengthening crucial foot and toe muscles used in jumping!

The Proprioceptor is like a wobble board, which is used to strengthen the ankles and can cost hundreds of dollars. With the Proprioceptor you have the added capability of doing plyometric exercises while strengthening your leg muscles.

"I have had a knee problem for close to 12 months that had reduced my vertical by almost 10 inches. I have been using the proprioceptors for rehab for just 1 month and my knee pain is completely gone and I have my 10 inches back. It's scary to think of what I will be able to do when I have recovered enough to do the plyometrics...... I am not one who is easily impressed, having lost hundred of dollars trying to fix my knee. Thank you for a great product." -L. Phiri

What is the Proprioceptor? 
Proprioception is a form of training that is to pro trainers perhaps the most exciting recent development(and also the least known to the public). Proprioception uses controlled destabilization to multiply workload and sharpen neuromuscular reflexes. Team trainers have discovered that their athletes are more sure footed and injury free, with faster results than traditional workouts on a flat surface. The new Jumpsoles v4.0 are the only platform trainers on the market that have proprioception capability. The controlled imbalance created by the Proprioceptor Plugs forces your brain to fire impulses to your muscle fibers over one thousand times per second. The loading stimulus is radically supercharged, like nothing you've ever felt before. After just one workout you'll feel the amazing difference in your game. You'll blow past defenders with your first step quickness. You'll also possess bionic knee and ankle joints that are virtually injury proof.

Who should use the Proprioceptor Plugs? 
Anyone. Some would think only athletes in sports such as Basketball, Football, Soccer, or Tennis would need these, but there are virtually no limits! Skiing, Snowboarding, Figure Skating, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, and Ballet are just a few of the activities that can be greatly enhanced by the Proprioceptor system. But this is only looking at the athletic benefits. Balance is an essential element in everyone's daily life! The Proprioceptor system is great for rehabilitation for injuries and simply strengthening ankle joints.

How are they inserted into the Jumpsoles? 
In the Jumpsoles v 5.0 there are three holes in the sole. The plug is simply inserted into any hole, varying the areas and difficulty. Rearwards works the calves, ankles, and achilles areas. Frontwards gets more advanced, working the same areas up to 3 times more and working your quads and hamstrings as well. Are they guaranteed? Just like the Jumpsoles, these carry the insane one-year money-back guarantee!

Jumpsoles Testimonials

"I want to let you know how much success I've been having using the Jumpsoles. I've implemented Jumpsoles into my athletes' training for several years now, and the results have been tremendous. . . Combined with a thorough weight training and plyometric program, the Jumpsoles have helped my athletes make significant improvements in their vertical jumps."

Greg Werner, Director of Strength & Conditioning, James Madison University

Thanks again for this marvelous training aid. I bought the jumpsoles for my son and three weeks later he not only increased his personal best high jump five inches but also established a new school record! 

S. Norris 

I'm 6'0" and I'm doing dunk I've never Imagine me doing until my college years. I wasn't really sure if I should buy Jumpsoles worrying if they wasn't going to work, well now I'm the starting shooting guard for my high school team, and I can now WINDMILL dunk. I gain 6 inches in vertical with in two weeks. I won my first dunk contest in a local gym around my way, and all my friends was surprise that this was the same Douglas from two weeks ago. Thanks, jump soles! 
(Complements to the inventor).

Douglas Antone, Brooklyn, NY 

I been using the jumpsoles for about two months and my legs look great, feel great and if i knew they would worked this good i would pay anything for them.

Gert, Baltimore, MD 

I've done your Jumpsoles program, and within 1 month I've gained about 5.5 inches. I went from nearly nipping the rim to dunking the ball on a 10" rim while cocking it back like Ricky Davis. I have passed the word to every ahtlete I personally know will take the program seriously. I gave the Jumpsoles that I outgrew (Small) to my little cousin who is 5'0" (w/ shoes on) and within 1 month he went from a 18" to a 25" vert and is almost hitting the backboard. I Highly recommend the Jumpsoles.

P.S. thanks to ur Jumpsoles I've earned the nickname = Sprinqz


We have several people waiting to see and hear of results ranging from basketball to ballet dancers, soccer to volleyball to football and baseball. As for my son, before this basketball season, in just 6 weeks , he added 6 inches to his vertical. He now two hands the rim and is looking forward to the first big 'dunk'. I am sure you have all sorts of testimonials , but there is never so great a testimony as from your own family or personal experience. Love your products. 

Thanks again,


Your stuff really does work, I finished the 8 weeks program already, and Im able to jam the basket now....gained about 5 inches vertical...cant wait to try the weight belt on, hopefully it helps my ups.

Erwin Rodriguez 

Yo man I gained big vert I rested the 10 day then i went back to week 4 and made it real hard and did it on a wednesday and rested for like 5 days couse my legs were so sore still so then right befor i did my jumpsole traning i tryed to touch rim cous befor i was only getting near it and when i jumped I grabed rim with like the middel of my palm so i gained like 4 inches after doing it once do u think i will just keep getting bigger vert fast thanks my vert now is like 29 inches

Update: 1 Month Later 
my friend will be jealous because we got jump soles same time and stuff and i can jump higher then him i gained like 7 inches after resting and doing it once so my vert is like 32 inches now thanks and i am still gaining my vert fast thanks

joel crepinsek 

I have used Jumpsoles for about 17 times already and Ive gained a total of 4 inches,from a 31" vertical to a 35" vertical.I used to barely touch the rim,now i can touch it.The first month,I gained 2 inches,which was a shock to me.Its just incredible.After using jumpsoles,i can change directions quicker too,(no kidding).many times in school,i stole the ball from the fastest point guard and the best ball handler,I was kicking off my calves laterally,guess what? i was too quick for him.He was so fed up and it left him no choice but to pass the ball.In conclusion,jumpsoles was a big help on my offense and defense in basketball.

Also, about 3 weeks ago,i was playing in an outdoor court with my friends.I wasnt wearing my Basketball shoes,just normal sneakers.I got hooked in the air wif my friend and i landed on my left ankle.I fell down and was in serious pain.I thought i broke my bone or something.After 2 minutes,the pain was gone and i was back on the court again.My friends were impressed...They were like 'Very Funny'.I told them i wasnt acting.they believed me because they saw how i fell.When thinking about it,If i didnt use jumpsoles proprioceptors,probably i might be sitting around and watch people play ball.

Well,Thanks a lot to Jumpsoles proprioceptors. 
+5 inch vertical 
Nicer Calf muscles 
Injury proof 
Fast reaction 
Discipline,and strength.


It was the day my life would turn around when i got my Jumpsoles. I was only 5'9. the second i got them I open them and got started on them. I had been working on them for about 2 month and i could all ready see an improvement in my vertical. About 3 months later I was 5'11 and all ready doing 360 dunks and and reverse dunks. I won the All Star dunk contest for our state.

At first i didn't think they would work but after I used them i started to believe in them and they came through. They really do work. When you are thinking on which jump shoes to get Just get Jumpsoles they are the best in the world I think

thanks Jumpsoles
from I GOT UP'S - B. Nichols 

Bought a pair from you about two months ago. Used them every other day for 30 minutes or so. Won a big bet (proceeds to charity) by dunking on my 40th birthday. Check out the pictures on www.huson.com/harvey They Work!!! 


I'am 5'7 and 14 years old. In just 2 months i went from a 22 inch vertical to a 32 inch vert. I cant even imagine my ups 2 years from now. With Jumpsoles even white boys can fly!

Stephen Robinson 

I have completed the jumpsoles Program for the first time and I am ready to start it again. Im soon to be the smallest person in my school to dunk.Working as hard as i could on every single exersize the book told me to do helped me get and increase of 7 inches in 2 months. I have a 30 inch vertical leap now and hope to get to 35 by the end of the Year. JUMPSOLES WORK!

Mike Fritz, Tyngsborough MA. 16 yrs old, 5'8" 

Last year, I ordered Jumpsoles for my then-13 year-old son, Kyle, after we had a serious father-and-son, heart-to-heart, man-to-man talk about ATTITUDE, COMMITTMENT, DESIRE, FOCUS, MATURITY, RESPONSIBILITY, WINNING, and most of all, WORK. I wasn't going to invest seventy or eighty bucks just to have the Jumpsoles sitting in the hallway to trip me every time I walked by, the way some other athletic equipment had been doing.

Kyle lived up to his personal commitment to excellence. He promptly followed the program from the moment the Jumpsoles arrived. He was so excited, he ripped open the package, read through the training booklet, and started stretching, jumping, skipping rope and running. Less than two weeks later, just before his 14th birthday, Kyle sprinted home from the nearby playground, almost breaking the door down to announce his first dunk, witnessed by his two brothers who were hot on his heels, and to the amazement of the neighborhood punks and naysayers.

You know these kind of losers, they're everywhere, saying things like, 
"Get off the court, freak!" 
"You can't play!" 
"You suck!" 
"Your game is weak!" 
"You can't dunk!"

Within a short time, Kyle was doing awesome tomahawk crams, two-handed dunks, gorilla jams, reverse dunks, windmill slams, you name it. Everyone at the YMCA thinks he plays for a college team! As a Seventh Grader (1998-99), Kyle had started on his (small) school's varsity basketball team over at Grace Christian Academy in New Berlin, WI. Last season (1999-2000) as an Eighth Grader there, he led the league in scoring!!! Not to mention being the only one in the conference who could dunk the basketball . . . .

He completed Bo Ryan's Summer Basketball Camp at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and amazed Bo Ryan (they say he's the winningest coach in NCAA history) with his skills, being selected to the camp All Star team. No one can believe Kyle's young age, and no one can believe his jumping ability--thanks to Jumpsoles USA!

But I have to be honest and tell you the whole story about how Jumpsoles work and how they can change a life. Jumpsoles not only helped Kyle to be a better jumper and all-around athlete, but the commitment he made to work the Jumpsoles program and other factors dovetailing together also helped make him a better student--and a better person. He took on the Jumpsoles RESPONSIBILITY and really learned what that word means; Kyle learned to WORK for success and to apply his new-found work ethic in school, at home, and in social settings. Kyle had high grades all year, made the Honor Roll, had excellent attendance, a better ATTITUDE, respect for others, and so on. He really has become very MATURE and well-rounded in so many areas, and we can trace this directly to the fantastic Jumpsoles program.

This year; tomorrow, in fact, Kyle starts Ninth Grade at a new school, Heritage Christian Academy. The coach there is highly reputed (he comes from North Carolina by way of Florida). There's no telling what will happen--it's all good with Jumpsoles!

Whenever Kyle is at the playgroud, gym or YMCA now, the punks, naysayers and losers treat him with respect and admiration, arguing about which team gets him, and watching with awe his amazing dunks. These days, they say things like, 
"I get Kyle on my team!" 
"No you don't, we do!" 
"He's going right to the NBA, forget high school!" 
"Man! How old is that cat!?!" 
"Oh, Lord have mercy! I can't believe that dunk!"

And now, his younger brothers, Garret and Ryan (the twins) are starting the program. Already, they're clearing the rim and dunking tennis balls, after only a few workouts. Garret also attended the Bo Ryan/UW-M camp and was selected to the All Star team--plus, his team won the championship, so look out!

YES, Jumpsoles do work!

So, if you're a skeptic, a naysayer, or just a plain-old loser, my advice to you is to try Jumpsoles. Work the program with all your heart, and start dunking the basketball! You can only go "up" from there, my friend.

 Respectfully submitted by: 

Dennis J. O'Boyle 

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