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Jump Attack Arsenal

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Product Description

The Ultimate Program on How to Jump Higher, Gain Quickness and Be More Explosive!

The Jump Attack Arsenal is your "all-in-one" package that promises to take your jumping to a ridiculous high level. Included in this product is the following:

1. One pair of Strength Shoes

Strength Shoes

These plyometric training shoes were created with one thing in mind - to give all the right leg muscles an intense
workout that results in you jumping higher and running faster. They come complete with a comprehensive training manual
that shows you exactly what exercises you need to do while wearing them and how much time you should dedicate to each
exercise. If you follow the program you are absolutely guaranteed to be jumping higher in just a few months.
To read more about them click here.

2. Access to our interview with a National Champion High Jumper

High Jump Champion Interview

Listen in as we spend 45 minutes interviewing Charles Clinger, a former National Champion and Olympic High Jumper, who high jumped over 7 feet on multiple occasions! We hold nothing back while we talked to Charles and asked him all the tough questions. We asked him what exercise was hands down the best exercise for athletes to engage in if they want to increase their vertical. You might be surprised by his response. We asked him what risks were associated with jump training and the most common injuries people suffered from because of it. We also asked him how young was too young for players to worry about jump training because of the potential risk it has in stunting your growth. We asked him how long it takes to start seeing results and many, many other interesting questions about jumping higher. You won't want to miss out on this valuable information. With your purchase of Jump Attack Arsenal you'll get access to the .mp3 audio file of this interview as well as a transcribed PDF that you can print out.

3. Get Up by Getting Down

Get Up by Getting Down

A report on how critical your technique is when attempting to increase your vertical. Many athletes see only a fraction of the results they are capable of seeing because they don't use the right technique as they train to jump higher. If you skip out on this you're selling yourself short and wasting a lot of time and energy.

4. The Two Exercises That Are Most Essential to Jumping Higher

Two Jumping Exercises

In this detailed report, High Jump Champion - Charles Clinger, details what the two most important exercises are that an athlete can engage in to help themselves jump higher. He demonstrates the exercises in detail and explains why they are the most critical.

5. Five Reasons Why Improving Your Vertical Will Improve Your Overall Game

5 Reasons Jumping Improves Your Game

In this informative report we list specific things that will happen to your game with improved jumping ability. Not only will you be able to dunk with authority, you'll be a better over-all player and have a much better chance of getting a scholarship and playing at high levels. This report gives you a taste of what type of player you will be if you stick with what you've learned and turn yourself into a jumping machine. You'll be playing at explosive levels you never thought were possible.

It's all yours by ordering Jump Attack Arsenal. Don't delay and click the "add to cart" button below to complete your purchase. The PDF's and MP3 files will be emailed to you within 24 hours so you can start devouring the incredible information right away. The shoes will ship UPS ground and so you can expect them to arrive within 3-6 business days of your purchase.

Let's get jumpin'!

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