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Positioning - The Key to Great Post Play

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The key to a big player being able to get good shots is to first get good position. Many young players today feel they have to be able to step out and shoot 3 pointers and while that's great, every team needs a solid post presence.

In my opinion, the most important thing a post player can learn is how to establish himself down low. Ideally you want to be between the foul line and the low block.

The higher you are the less effective you will be.

When tends to happen when you are down low is your defender will relax just a little tiny bit because in the back of their mind they are relying on the baseline and the backboard to act as their help defense.

If you're aggressive and physical you can take advantage of this and get yourself open so your teammates can make an easy entry pass into you.

You want a wide base with your butt out. If you have your feet too close together you will be knocked off balance too easily.

If you are straight-up the defender will be able to knock the pass away as it comes in. Get in a strong position with your butt out and your hands up with your elbows extended.

If your elbows are extended the defender will have to go through you to get to the ball and that is a foul. Once both your elbows are out you want to create a target hand for the passer to throw to, but maintain the opposite elbow in its position. I can't tell you how important of a fundamental that is.

As a point guard, I love passing the ball to a big man who can establish a good position for me to throw to. This can be practiced at home, or under coaching supervision. If you are coaching it, make sure the players are getting pushed and bumped and not thrown off balance. If they are then establish a wider base with more weight on the heels.

One of the worst things you can do as a 4 or a 5 position player is get use to running around the perimeter and free throw line looking for a shot. Your team needs you to become a threat close to the basket because it will create open shots for everyone else.

If you want more playing time, practice beating your defender down the court and establish position down low as quick as you can. Good things will happen.

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