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3 Fun and Competitive Shooting Games

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Every coach and player can always use more shooting games to add to their bag of tricks. Below are 3 of my personal favorites, one of which you can do when on your own in the gym.

1. 21/25

For this drill, you need one shooter and one rebounder / passer. If you have 3 people, it helps to have a separate rebounder and passer while using 2 basketballs, but this is not necessary. The shooter can begin in either corner. The game begins once the shooter makes his/her first shot. After that first make, the shooter gets to take 4 more shots from the corner. If the shooter misses 2 shots in a row, he/she is done.

If the shooter can get through those first 5 shots from the corner without missing 2 in a row, he/she may advance up to the wing. Now the shooter takes 5 shots from the wing (you do not start on a make here or anywhere other than the first corner shot). Again, if 2 shots in a row are missed, the shooter is done.

The goal of the game is to make it all the way around (corner, wing, top, wing, corner) without missing 2 shots in a row and finishing with a made shots total of at least 21 out of 25. This is a very challenging game, but could be made a little easier with just a few modifications (i.e. make 20,19,18, or 17 out of 25; allow the shooter to miss 2 in a row, but not 3, etc.).

2. 45

Like 21/25, this drill calls for one shooter and at least one rebounder. Again, the drill can be made more efficient with a separate rebounder and passer and 2 basketballs, but this is not necessary. The shooter starts in the corner from about 15'. The drill doesn't begin until the shooter makes his/her first shot.

The shooter must make two 15' jumpers, two 17' jumpers, two 3's, two pull-ups, and then a finish at the rim (catch at the 3pt line and drive to the basket). So that makes 9 total made shots from the corner spot. After the corner spot is completed, the shooter moves to the wing, top, wing, and opposite corner. When it is all done, the shooter has made 45 total shots. It is the rebounder / passer's responsibility to count the total number of shots that it takes the shooter to complete the 45 makes. For example, it might take the shooter 71 shots to make the 45. Each time you do it, try and improve on your previous / best score.

3. Beat the Pro

I like this game because you can play it when you are alone in the gym. You play the game against an imaginary opponent. Most commonly, you select a professional athlete to compete against, thus the name "Beat the Pro". For example, you could compete against Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, etc.

There are 2 versions to the game: the mid-range and 3pt line. In the mid-range game, you must spin the ball to yourself in the range of 15' to 20' and take a shot. If you make the shot, it counts as 1 point for you. If you miss the shot, it counts as 2 points for your opponent. After each shot you must rebound the ball and get back in position for a mid-range jump shot.

The first player to 21 points wins the game. In the 3pt version, you again begin by spinning the ball to yourself. If you make the 3pt shot, it counts as 2 points for you. If you miss the shot, it counts as 3 points for your opponent. The first player to 35 points wins the game. You could also do a pull-up game. This game is played to 21 points as well, and you spin the ball to yourself at the 3pt line and then take a 1 or 2 dribble pull-up. Make sure that you sprint to your rebound and back to the spot you will shoot from. This way, it is an excellent conditioning drill as well.

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