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5 Fun and Competitive Free Throw Games

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If you are looking to get some extra free throw work in while having fun and being competitive at the same time then try any or all of these five free throw games.

1. Swishes

Players work in pairs and shoot two sets of five free throws each for a total of 10 free throws each. They get two points for a swish, one point for a make, and zero points for a miss. (The non-shooter determines if the shot is a swish or not.)

Winners move clockwise and losers move counterclockwise so every player is shooting at a different basket each round. Players keep track of their own "wins" and the one with the most individual wins is overall winner.

2. 66 in 5

In this competition, players work in groups of three at a basket. The first player steps up with the intent of making three free throws in a row.

If he makes all three in a row he yells out his name so the coach can record it and a new shooter takes his place. If he misses any of the three he steps off and a new shooter rotates up to the line. The goal is for the group of three players to make three free throws in a row 66 separate times in a five minute period.

3. Free Throw Golf

Team is divided and players line up behind one of the available baskets. (Most gyms have 6-8 baskets) Players take one free throw at the basket and then move clockwise to the next basket where they shoot another free throw.

This is repeated until each player makes two complete loops around the gym which is considered "par." If you have a basket with a bent rim, worn out net, bad lighting, etc. then designate that basket as a "Par 2." This will give everyone a chance to get a "birdie" and will also give outstanding shooters the opportunity to finish "one under."

4. Around the World

This game can be set up similar to Free Throw Golf or you can start with all the players initially lined up in front of one of the main baskets. In this game players who miss their free throw move counter clockwise while players who make their free throw move clockwise.

As a result every player is moving somewhere after every shot - the "makes" are going in one direction while the "misses" are going in a different direction. (After a few shots it is highly likely that you will have a "make" and a "miss" temporarily using the same basket.) The goal is to work your way completely clockwise around the gym and finish where you started.

5. Individual 16 in 6

This is a very good individual free throw/conditioning drill that can be done in the off-season. A player steps up to the free throw line with the intent of shooting a game winning "1 and 1." If he makes both shots he dribbles down to the opposite baseline and back and starts over. If he misses the first free throw then he does a dribble suicide with his off hand before stepping back up to the line.

If he misses the second free throw then he dribbles a "half-back-full back" with his off hand. (Consistently missing both free throws in a row is going to get him in great shape!) The goal is for the player to make 16 free throws in 6 minutes which will be difficult if he misses many shots.

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