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Three Ways to Become a Better Basketball Coach

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Something remarkable has happened to me in each of the past three weeks – I have learned something! The strange thing is that I have been coaching for nearly 30 years yet the things that I learned are so simple they have undoubtedly been staring me right in the face this whole time. (Not only are they simple, but I expect them to have a huge impact on our program for years to come.) How could I have overlooked or missed out on these important concepts all these years?

The important thing to know, however, is that I did not discover these ideas by complete accident, but instead was searching for things that would help me become a better coach. One of the things I learned came from reading a book; another came from watching an old DVD and the third was taken from a casual conversation with a coaching colleague.

What other resources can we as coaches use to learn those career changing ideas that are just waiting to be discovered or even rediscovered? Here are three such resources that are inexpensive to access but loaded with value beyond measure.

1.  Attend Football Practice

That’s right – football practice! Football coaches (at least the good ones) are masters of team organization and position work and can offer great insights on how to run our practices. Players are divided up into small groups and assigned to work stations that don’t come anywhere close to resembling a normal football field. Specific skills are broken down into the smallest of parts and then repeated ad nausea until the techniques are mastered. Eventually the groups are brought together so the skills can be practiced in more game like settings. Team meetings, positional meetings, and film sessions are almost everyday occurrences to reinforce what is being taught on the field.

You probably won’t learn any X’s and O’s that will help you, but attending football practice will certainly give you lots to think about as far as improving your practice organization.

2.  Organize a Coaching “Mastermind” Group

Success expert Napoleon Hill first introduced the concept of a mastermind group back in 1937 in his book “Think and Grow Rich.” (If you’ve never read it, run out and get a copy of it right now!) A mastermind is simply a group of like minded individuals who meet together regularly to inspire, instruct and bounce ideas off of each other.

I initially became aware of this resource years ago when I was in grade school and my father was a high school varsity coach. Every Sunday night in the Fall four or five coaches from non competing leagues and divisions would show up at our house right after dinner. One coach was pre-assigned a particular topic and he would “lecture” the group for about a half an hour and then everyone would start asking questions. Of course the questions would then lead to several ensuing discussions, explanations and even arguments that often lasted for hours. All of those coaches had extremely successful careers and I can’t help but think the Sunday night mastermind meetings contributed in a big way.

3.  Basketball Classroom

In my opinion  Basketball Classroom is the best online coaching resource available to coaches today. From the comfort of your own home or office you can access dozens of videos, special reports, animations, EBooks, and audio files. You can even email any specific questions you might have and get them answered almost immediately. High school, middle school, and club coaches throughout the country have taken advantage of this great learning opportunity. Even though it’s extremely inexpensive for the amount of content you receive, BasketballClassroom.com comes with a money back guarantee.

Of course, these aren’t the only ways a coach can further his education but with convenience, cost, and content all factored into the equation, they are some of the very best!

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