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Training Articles

Don't Practice Stupid Stuff

More Skills Equals More Time

How to Become a Better Finisher Around the Basket

Drill Fast to Play Fast

What's Your Excuse?

Step Back to Get Your Shot Off

Passing into the Post

The Secret to Consistent Shooting

5 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Game

Are You a Ball Handler or a Bouncer?

Good Hands Equals Better Post Play

Tennis Ball Drills for Better Ball Handling

Where to Catch the Ball on the Wing

6 Fundamentals of Scoring 1-on-1

What Coaches Learn by Watching You Run

Is Your Bench Attitude Hurting or Helping You?

The Next Level is Always Faster

3 Ways to Get Open on the Wing

6 Tips on Getting Recruited

How to Score Points Against a Zone Defense

7 Ways to Score More Points in the Post

Basketball Shooting Form Drills

Mastering the Essentials of Good Post Play

Developing Your Weak Hand in Baskeball

Ways to Improve Your Rebounding Skills

How to Increase Your Vertical 8 Inches In Just One Off-Season

How to Go About Studying the Game

How to Become a Clutch Free Throw Shooter

3 Simple But Effective Post Play Drills

How to Handle a Defensive Trap

Setting Goals is the Key to a Successful Season

The Dangers of Being Too Good Too Early

Upper Body Shooting Principles

Lower Body Shooting Principles

Successful Players are Coachable

Developing Speed and Quickness for Basketball

How to Become a Better Game-Time Shooter

Learning How to Create Your Own Shot

Do Your Work Early on Defense to Dominate

Why You Must Be a Good Shooter

How to Perform Under Pressure

4 Basic Ball Handling Drills

How to Stop Cutters & Play Good Weakside Defense

What Makes Lebron, Lebron?

What We Can Learn From a Wimbledon Champion

Basketball Perimeter Shooting Workout

How to Disrupt Teams That Fast Break

Drills to Improve Game Time Shots

The Truth About Basketball Tryouts

The Lombardi Rules for Winning Basketball

The Psychology of Winning

The 4 Types of Mistakes Basketball Players Make

5 Qualities of a Great Basketball Team Captain

What it Takes to Play at the Next Level

How to Handle Nervousness Before & During Games

How to Improve Over the Summer Break

Using the 10% Rule to Improve Your Game

4 Important Rules of Passing

The 3 S's in Shooting by NBA Coach Barry Hecker

Treating Common Injuries in Youth Basketball

How Great Basketball Players Train

The Definition of a Good Shot Vs. a Bad Shot

Becoming a Solid Defensive Player

Key Ingredients to a Good Shooting Workout

Your Coach Knows When You Aren't Playing Hard

The Platinum Rule

Helping Players Put Their Dreams to the Test

Improve Your Ball Handling While Watching TV

The 5 Essentials of an Efficient Basketball Offense

3 Common Jab Step Mistakes Basketball Players Make

How to Make Better On-Court Decisions

Shooting Drills for Guards

3 Productive Jump Shot Drills

Play Every Basketball Game Like It's Your Last

What Recruiters Look For in a Player

On-Ball Defensive Drills

Passing 101 - Basic Tips on Passing a Basketball

Understanding Proper Shooting Form

3 Overlooked Keys to Playing Great Basketball

What Motivates You As a Player?

9 Ways to Impress Your Coach

6 Assists for Basketball Parents

The 12 Minute Shooting Workout

How Do You Respond to Coaching?

How to Boost Your Confidence

Fix Your Bricks (A Shooting Guide)

How to Handle Mistakes

Perfect Practice = Elite Skills

How to Choose a Summer Club Team

Improving Your Ability to Concentrate

The 5 C's of Scoring

Are You in a Shooting Slump?

How to Defend Post Players

How to Think Like a Point Guard Should

The Importance of Moving Without the Ball

Rick Majerus Ball Handling Drill

How to Recognize a Good Basketball Drill

What Type of Pain Do You Prefer?

The Mind - A Player's Best Weapon

How to Play Better On-Ball Defense

The Importance of Throwing Hard, Crisp Passes

The Stop and Go Drill

7 Common Offensive Mistakes to Avoid

Why You Need to Listen to Your Coach

Becoming a Prolific Scorer - Part 1

Becoming a Prolific Scorer - Part 2

Becoming a Prolific Scorer - Part 3

Becoming a Prolific Scorer - Part 4

Diet and Nutrition Tips For Players

Not Born With Loads of Natural Talent?

The Secret to Being a Great Teammate

Thoughts on Improving Your Individual Defense

7 Ways to Get More Shots

How to Develop Mental Toughness

Rick Pitino and Tom Izzo on Rebounding

10,000 Hours is NOT the Whole Answer

How to Get More Playing Time

The Lost Art of Pivoting

How Great Players Use Their Time at Practice

Basketball Free Throw Shooting Fundamentals

3 Ways to Improve Your Left Hand Dribbling

Workout While Watching TV

My Coach Doesn't Have Confidence in Me

Two Types of Confidence Players Can Have

Passion Fuels Greatness

12 Great Basketball Finishing Drills

The Importance of Proper Spacing

How to Effectively Handle Change In Your Life

The Danger of Not Getting Enough Sleep

The Fundamentals Of Shooting a Lay-Up

How Coaches & Recruiters Evaluate Players

How Well Do You Know Your Child's Coach?

Recruiting Tips From a Former College Player

The #1 Must Have Ball Handling Skill

Defending Baseline Drives in Basketball

The Million Dollar Basketball Skill Set

Advanced Defensive Cone Drills

5 Fun and Competitive Free Throw Games

Creating Open Shots

Learning to Play the Point Guard Position

What it Takes to Play Great Individual Defense

Get the Most out of Watching Hoops

3 Fun and Competitive Shooting Games

How to Defend Fast Breaks

Answers to Common Post Play Questions

5 Things That Drive Basketball Coaches Crazy

Helpful Rebounding Advice

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of March Madness

3 Physical Low Post Drills

Positioning - The Key to Great Post Play

Why the Ability to Shoot is so Important

How to Read Down Screens in Basketball

How to Become a Better Passer

The Jump Stop Drill